A day off in Marseille

What do 49er sailors do, when having a day off? Boatwork, you’d guess. But luckily we had all our boatwork done so we spent our layday in the city of Marseille, did some sightseeing and shopping and enjoyed some typical french food.

Here are my impressions about Marseille from today:

The best traditionally baked Macarons you’ll probably find at Les navettes des Accoules. You just get two flavours of Macarons but also many other french cookies. I couldn’t take a picture of them because we ate all we bought before even thinking of taking a picture. They’re the best chocolate Macarons I’ve ever had!

It seems like there is a tradition of soap making in Marseille, because you can find shops in every corner. You can buy soap in the most craziest different flavours and most of them are plastic free or only with some small plastic around.

When searching for some art, Le Panier is the right place for you to go. You’ll find a lot of graffiti, ateliers, and an ‚Open Art Street‘. And it’s not crowded by too many tourists!

You won’t find many traditional Crêpe makers in Marseille but there are a few that make those nice Breton buckwheat Crêpes with ham, cheese and egg, but that one we found was quite peculiar and unique. You’ll get creations that are named after the knights of the round table and sit in a cafe full of plants. That’s La Broceliande.

A must-see is definetily the Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde. It’s a pretty church at the top of one of the mountains in Marseille and probably the most famous one in Marseille. And you have a really nice view on all parts of the city.

As you can guess from those pictures, that’s not everything to see and do in Marseille but quite enough to fill a day.

Tonight we concluded this nice day off with a team barbecue where I finally got to know all the German 49er sailors and learned some new names!

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