Playing Hide and Seek with the Race Committee

Somehow this world championship is just not my event. Or maybe the venue isn’t my favourite. Especially yesterday couldn’t have been much worse: I had five really nice starts but unfortunately only with one of them I ended up racing. The other were general recalls, where just everyone is over the line, and those who are seen by the race committee will be disqualified. So you try to hide while pushing upwind to still have a good start in case this one won’t be abandoned. In the second last try I didn’t hide enough so I was thrown out for the first race and could just watch my teammate sailing a 5th.

The start of the second race was my fifth try of a start that day, the only one where I continued racing and it was also really good. I could have crossed those who where windward to me and that’s what everyone would do in that situation – but not me. Maybe I thought I shouldn’t do it because in Gdynia everything is just different than everywhere else and crazy (which it is) or I was just too dazed by being sick so I did this really stupid decision which made me come 61st in that race!

This was really disappointing but talking to some friends helped a lot to get over it. So today I had my motivation back and said to myself, now I survived half of the regatta with a running nose I could also do the second half, even if nearly every chance of reaching my goal in this regatta was gone.

In today’s racing Gdynia lived up to it’s craziest and worst conditions. Even my friend who where sailing constantly in all the other races got her discard in and in today’s debrief even our coach couldn’t tell us what have been the right – and predictable – game plan. My results didn’t got much better than yesterday’s but at least I also had good starts and a few situations where I could learn from.

Two days to go and a lot to learn and to figure out about this venue!

Pictures: Robert Hajduk

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