How to: Race

I survived my first three official races in the Fx and it was great! I had sooo much fun!

Racing in the 49er is of course way different from Laser racing. The target time is 30 minutes instead of 50 and one race today didn’t even lasted 20 minutes. Maneuvers cost way more speed than in the Laser, so you don’t tack more than 4 times approximately. On the downwind in the 49er, you can’t just go straight but with different angles to the wind, just like on the upwind.

Although the races aren’t that long, they are equally exhausting, but in a different way than the Laser races. Today was the first time I just kept doing, what I had to do to keep the boat fast, to not disappoint my helm. My forearms were burning and I nearly felt like being sick for a moment and like I couldn’t keep fighting. But I did. I didn’t give up because I didn’t want to fail and I didn’t want my helm to fail. I guess that’s one of the great things and advantages that a two-handed boat class can show off with. You can motivate each other in a way that I never experienced in a one-handed class – not even in that really well team-working squad that I had in the Laser.

Actually Cathie and me showed some really good performance today, considering that we only spent 12 days on that boat as a team, and that’s also the only time I trained in the Fx class.

With a 29th, a 17th and a 34th out of 39 we had a race where we just ran around the course, trying not to capsize, one with a really good start, in which we really felt like doing competitive racing and one where we were just chasing the fleet, but actually did a quite good catch up.

Unfortunately we got protested and disqualified in the second race, but that’s just one more experience that I can tick off my bucket list and tomorrow is a new day to fight and improve!

Since it’s already quite late and I’m so tired, I’m nearly falling asleep while writing this article, you’ll only get the English Version today.

First start tomorrow is at 11am! You’ll find live tracking at

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