Trying to find something to eat

Since our trip to Barcelona was my first ever hotel holiday, I wasn’t really used to going out for dinner every night and not being able to use a kitchen.

But in Barcelona you find quite a lot places which seem really nice to go out for having dinner or breakfast. Unfortunately we could only visit a few of them. Here are my favourites:

Timesburg Hamburguesería

We found this restaurant on our way to our hostel and thought it might be a nice place to have burgers. Actually I had the best burger of my life there. They have an interesting ordering system: You get a card where you can tick everything you want. Once you did that, you only have to wait a few minutes until your food is ready. This restaurant is a really good alternative when you don’t wanna eat more paella or tapas. And the prices are quite okay.

Flexbowls Barcelona

This restaurant caught my attention with a really confident saying about their coffee:

Well I tried the coffee – we went there once for dinner and once for breakfast – but I think I had better coffee before. I mean it was good but their food was even better. If you search for any new healthy food trends on instagram or Pinterest and you wanna try it, just go to Flexbowls Barcelona. You’ll find all of them there! Also the service was really nice and the food was ready quite quick.

Guilietta Cafè

If you’re searching for ‚Coffee and Wifi‘ with google maps, one of the cafés you’ll find is this one. It’s quite small and not easy to find – you’d miss it if you didn’t know that it’s there. But they have quite a variety of food, including breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, the most delicious cakes, really good tea (maybe also really good coffee but I didn’t try as I wasn’t in the mood for it) and really good but payable macarons.

La Tramoia

After some disappointment with a Paella restaurant at La Rambla, we were searching for a better Spanish restaurant in a less touristic area which looked a little more expensive, so we hoped to get some really good Spanish food there. We were lucky and had delicious tapas and Paella.

If you look for good traditional Spanish food, that is worth its price, go away from the touristic areas like La Rambla or the beach and choose a restaurant which doesn’t show off with pictures of its food on the outside.

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