Places to visit for free in Barcelona

You can spend a lot of money in Barcelona. But there are also many places that you can visit without having to pay a great amount of money:

Barceloneta Beach

With the yellow metro line you can easily get to the beach. Once you’re at the station ‚Barceloneta‘ just follow the crowd and you’ll find it. I said crowd an I mean it like this. When we went to the beach the first time we could barely find a spot to put our towels because people where everywhere! Next time we came back in the morning so it was a little less crowded until lunch.

Once you found a spot and placed yourself on your towel to work on your teint (which is basically what everyone else is doing), beware of these guys trying to sell you mojito or sangria and party tickets, beer or water. Most of them are really not worth it’s price.


A really nice place to stay are the parks which are spread over the city. You can escape from all the heat which stands in the streets and find some shade under one of the trees. Nearly all of the parks are to visit for free, except Park Guell where you have to pay to see some of Antoni Gaudi’s works. But they are only about 10% of the whole area.

My very favourite place I found in Parc de la Cuitadella at Cascada Monumental. You can sit in one of the great „windows“ of the building, relax and watch the fontaines, enjoy the sun or some shade and have a little breeze around. And you have a nice view over the parc and a little part of the city!


Everywhere in Barcelona you find buildings inspired or created by Antoni Gaudi. His style of architecture is remarkable and unique. Just walk around the city and you’ll find it at street lights, buildings like Casa Batolló or Casa Milà, at most of the many shops and even on the floor.

All in all the architecture of Barcelona is very beautiful and impressive, so when you walk around the city, don’t look down on your phone. Otherwise you’ll miss a lot of great views.

Font Màgica

If you wanna visit the most famous fontain of Barcelona, first check the show times because there are different times during the season and also different days of the week when it takes place.

But when you found your date to visit it, be prepared to meet half of the city there. If you don’t come at least an hour before it starts, you might only be able to watch it from the far. But even that is very impressive. Also you can watch the people who are watching it – or who are getting distracted while trying to watch it like those guys below. 😉

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